Matador welcomes big wave surfer Rusty Long

Matador welcomes big wave surfer Rusty Long

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Rusty Long checks the surf with brother Greg in the Azore islands. Photo by Cody Doucette

Big wave surfer, explorer, photographer, and writer Rusty Long joins Matador.

Matador is excited to welcome Big wave surfer, explorer, photographer and writer Rusty Long to the team. Rusty’s fluid and relaxed style is as recognizable in his images and words as it is when he’s riding the heaving barrels of Puerto Escondido or sticking a critical drop at Mavericks. He has been a regular contributor to both The Surfers Journal and SURFER magazine and his body of work speaks volumes about the type of person and surfer Rusty is. A world traveler who has always used surfing as his ticket to explore the world, more often than not searching out some of the worlds most remote locations, consistently favoring exploration and involved travel experiences over simply chasing waves. His voice and eye behind the lens showcase this dedication to travel along with a deep appreciation for both the journey and the culture he finds himself in. Check out his first piece for Matador.

Rusty pulls in at Puerto

Watch the video: Dramatic footage of Big Beach BIG waves, Maui August 2011


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