From wieners to superheroes – Halloween is not just for people

From wieners to superheroes – Halloween is not just for people

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When you think of Halloween, it’s the kids you think of as being in costume begging for treats. Let’s hope these pups got treats for the dirty trick that was played on them!

TAKING THE TREND of treating the family dog like one of the family to its logical end, let no one be left out for Halloween.

Is it a pilgrim? Is it a witch? This Boston’s in the Halloween spirit whichever the case may be. Photo: Don Hankins

Mockstar’s caption is “Poodle in a poodle skirt,” and I can’t top that. Photo: mockstar

Hound of Hell Photo: r0sss

A hot dog with relish and mustard who seems to ask, “What have I done to deserve this?” Photo: TineyHo

Precious Moments Cocker Spaniel Photo: mikebaird

Now the world is ready for you and the wonders you can do, Wonder Dog! Photo: akaporn

Poor Raggedy Andy. Photo and Feature Photo: akaporn

Holy fuzz-balls, Bat Man! Photo: akaporn

Spider Puppy skitters along. Photo: akaporn

Free from the tank, it’s Lobster Dog. Photo: akaporn

Striking a dashing figure – if Lady is a trap, this dog’s a gentleman. Photo: Ingorrr

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Is this the tip of the iceberg in dog costumery? Is it animal cruelty or pageantry at its finest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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