How to make your own Hamboard

How to make your own Hamboard

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I had never heard of Hamboards until this May, when I saw one in a store window in Laguna Beach, California.

IT WAS THE BIGGEST LONGBOARD I had ever seen, a seven-foot-long plywood monster painted with retro red racing stripes. It literally looked like a surfboard with wheels: you could even buy an optional rubber-tipped “oar” and stand-up paddle it down the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, like many cool toys, Hamboards cost a wad. The basic version costs about $500 online. That’s why one group of friends decided to make their own, posting videos of their progress on YouTube along the way.

Check out the video below to see the finished board in action. If you want to make your own, watch the three part how-to on YouTube for some tips.

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