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On traveling with a ghost Collections

On traveling with a ghost

Alana Seldon gets her wish to see a close friend one more time.I WAKE UP ALONE. But the lingering heat of the four people who slept in the other bunks still haunts the hostel room; the ripe scent of last night’s rum, sweat, and morning breath hangs in the air. The side of my face is sticking to the bright new tattoo on the inside of my left bicep.

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From wieners to superheroes – Halloween is not just for people Miscellaneous

From wieners to superheroes – Halloween is not just for people

When you think of Halloween, it’s the kids you think of as being in costume begging for treats. Let’s hope these pups got treats for the dirty trick that was played on them!TAKING THE TREND of treating the family dog like one of the family to its logical end, let no one be left out for Halloween.Is it a pilgrim?

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Climbing the Grand Teton in 1 day Information

Climbing the Grand Teton in 1 day

Matador Ambassador Griffin Post climbs the Grand Teton in a single-day assault.THE GRAND TETON is one of the most iconic peaks of the American west. “The Grand,” as it’s affectionately known, tops out at a solid 13,770ft (4,198m), and its imposing silhouette is the centerpiece of Grand Teton National Park, which comprises 310,000 acres of wilderness straddling Wyoming and Idaho.

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10 more awesome apps for iPhoneography Interesting

10 more awesome apps for iPhoneography

Larissa Olenicoff demonstrates what apps like PhotoBag, SnapSeed, and NightCap can do for your iPhone photos.THE CITIES OF Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava are certainly photogenic, which I discovered on my recent trip through Central Europe. Mix that with some funky photo editing applications on your iPhone and you can pump out some real works of art.

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9 films that should be retired from all youth hostels Miscellaneous

9 films that should be retired from all youth hostels

Anything’s better than seeing Borat’s junk again. Photo: alexnormandA common room, a television and cheap refreshments. A perfect night for relaxing hostel fun? Not if these films are in play. We’re quite keen to see your additions in the comments.The Lord Of The RingsThe LOTR films played non-stop in hostels in the early half of the decade and have surprising legs, especially in countries where new DVD’s are hard to come by.

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Surfing unbelievably cold water [PICs] Interesting

Surfing unbelievably cold water [PICs]

Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard and a select crew of surfers are pushing new limits of surf and surf photography.EDITOR’S NOTE: CHRIS BURKARD and his crew are realizing the potential unlocked by Jack O’Neil, who invented wetsuits in the early 1950s. The crew, which includes surf explorers such as Keith Malloy and Trevor Gordon, is continuously surfing previously unexplored regions of Russia, Iceland, Norway, Patagonia, and the Arctic.

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